Monday, February 6, 2017

3rd & 5th Pinaisara Waterfall in Iriomote / 西表島カヌーツアーガイド・西表おさんぽ気分

On 3rd Feb, Pinaisara waterfall 1 day with Chu & Wang fro HK😀
This time is off season, so there was not people around waterfall,
and jungle only us.

It was relaxing kayaking mangrove  river & trekking jungle.

On 5th Feb, went to Pinaisara half day with Eric & Alyssa from US.
They lived in China for 1 year teaching English.

The weather was very nice.
North wind has stopped. very luck.

We enjoyed Iriomote Island nature very much.

Thank you very much.
Iriomote Kayak Tour Gide Service / Iriomote Osanpo Kibun
Naoya Ojima

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