Monday, February 27, 2017

Tour with Writer san / Iriomote Pinaisara 1 Day

Went to Pinaisara 1 day with Tessa & Lily.
They are living in Japan & doing as a writer.
Travel around Japan everywhere.
I envy you😄

Okinawa Cherry blossom bloomed. 

To the top of waterfall~

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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Iriomote Island Pinaisara Waterfall & Caving Tour on 23rd

  Pinaisara watefall & Caving Tour in Iriomote Island.
went to pinaisara with Ginny & Betts from US,
and Yam & Kim from Korea and Germany.

The weather was rainy day😆
But we enjoyed Iriomote jungle.
Also the rain made the waterfall bigger.
It was super nice waterfall. 
WE could see very nice fall.👍

Caving strat~

Wow too narrow. 😁

I had nice time with you guys.
Thank you.

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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Iriomote Kayak Tour on 16 and 17

On 16th Pinsara Waterfall with Tia from Canada.
She has travel around Japan for 6 month.

She has 2 citizenship Japan and Canada.
I envy her.😊

We enjoyed nice spring weather in Iriomote jungle.

 Stop by star sand beach.
Very nice colour.

On 17th is also very nice day.
Went to Pinaisara with Herry and Natasa from Germany.

They have travel around Japan for 3 weeks.
First time in Japan😀 

Very nice lovely couple.

Thank you very much.
Hope see you someday.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Very calm nice day

Very very nice day.
The cold weather was gone.

Today is little spring day.
Goof for drive around.

Enjoy watching emerald sea.

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Friday, February 10, 2017

Iriomote tour / Pinaisara & Caving 9th Feb

On 9th Feb,went to Pinaisara & Caving with Hui from Singapore.
The weather was windy and cold😆
but we could still enjoyed the tour.

I and Hui kayaking together in tandem kayak.

Basin of Pinaisara waterfall🎵

Caving in the afternoon.
It was very exciting.

Thank you Hui.
Hope see you again someday.

Iriomote kayak tour / Iriomote Osanpo Kibun
西表島カヌー・カヤックツアーサービス / 西表島おさんぽ気分

Monday, February 6, 2017

3rd & 5th Pinaisara Waterfall in Iriomote / 西表島カヌーツアーガイド・西表おさんぽ気分

On 3rd Feb, Pinaisara waterfall 1 day with Chu & Wang fro HK😀
This time is off season, so there was not people around waterfall,
and jungle only us.

It was relaxing kayaking mangrove  river & trekking jungle.

On 5th Feb, went to Pinaisara half day with Eric & Alyssa from US.
They lived in China for 1 year teaching English.

The weather was very nice.
North wind has stopped. very luck.

We enjoyed Iriomote Island nature very much.

Thank you very much.
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Naoya Ojima

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Guest From Singapore / iriomote tour / 西表島カヌーツアー・西表島おさんぽ気分

On feb 1st, went to pinaisara waterfall with Noreen & farg 
from singapore😀 

They have came to Japan many times.
They have been to Mt Fuji, Yakushima, and more cities.
This time holiday is in Okinawa.

We had very good time in Iriomote jungle at pinaisara waterfall.
We enjoyed kayak, trek, and waterfall.

Thank you very much.
Hope see you again someday.

Noaya Ojima